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Jamnagar has the Countrys first Marine National Park, since 1982

Coral Walking by Tourists

This is one of the rare places in the world where one can look at corals without having to dive down into the water.


One just has to walk in the water, when the tide ebbs, in about 1 to 2 feet of water and watch this facinating underwater world of corals.

The fascinating underwater world of the Marine Sanctury & National Park.

162.89 Square Kilometers of Marine National Park and 457.92 Square Kilometers of Marine Sanctury in the Gulf of Kutch at Jamnagar offers exotic sightings for people willing to go on an adventure trip in this area.

Coral Walk Area

In the Gulf of Kutch, 42 islands sit like little gems in theArabian Sea. Fringed by coral reefs, sandy beaches and mangrove swamps, these islands are a treasure-trove of marine species and a paradise for birdwatchers.

One can see,  octopus, jelly fish, star fish, colourful corals, exotic marine flowering plants, puffer fish, sea horse, huge green sea turtles, lobsters, dolphins, etc.

And if one is very lucky then maybe a dugong which resembles seals.

Of the 42 islands, the most popular island is Pirotan (old name is "Pir jo thaan" meaning the place of the holy Saint Khwaja Khizer RahmatAllah).

         The Marine Sanctury area has :

  • Excellent Coral Reefs
  • 37 species of Hard & Soft Corals
  • 70 species of Sponges
  • 27 species of Prawns
  • 30 species of Crabs
  • 200 species of Molluscs
  • Endangered Sea Turtles like the Green Sea, Oliver Riddley & Leather Back.
  • 3 Speices of Sea Mammals
  • 94 species of Water Birds
  • 78 species of terrestrial birds
  • 108 species of brown, green & red Algae
  • There are beautiful islands here where one can see pristine & non corrupted sandy beaches...

Pirotan Island

PirotanIsland is about 12 nautical miles from Bedi port. Its a 2 hours journey by the boats available.  You have to board the boat from Bedi port (20 minute drive from the city)

Sailing admist the creeks, taking the curves covered with Mangroves on bothsides on the way to Pirotan is also a wonderful experience... Sailing to Pirotan





You are sure to see lots of birds on the Islands and you also have a chance of spotting the playful dolphins..

For access to the Marine National Park, one has to take permissions from the Forest Department, The Customs Department & the Port.


In case of foreign tourists additional permission from the Police Department is also needed.Way to the Islands


The fact which makes it worth planning a trip beforehand is that, one has to confirm the tide timings, as the boat can reach the pirotan island only when its full tide, the high tide has a 12 hours cycle...ie; if today high tide is at 6AM then next high tide will be at 6PM..

The tide timings keep changing everyday, so one should checkup the tide timings with organizers as to when the day will be favorable...


As a rule of thumb, the lunar or the Gujarati dates of  5th, 6th & 7th are the most favorable, when the high tide time is at day break

One should be able to go to the island for the adventure trip, in the morning and come back in the evening as the Island is so unexploited that no facilities have been developed yet... Not even drinking water is available on the island.

The only people there on the island are Forest Guard, Light House people & Mujhavar (Server) at the shrine of holy Saint Khwaja Khizer R.A. 

Visiting the Pirotan Island in fishing boats is prohibited.

Pirotan Island

For doing the coral walk, its advised to wear thick soled shoes or sandals, because some of the places in the reef are sharp.  In winter it gets quite cold and the boats available do not have covering, so its always better to wear warm clothes and carry cold creams to protect your skin from getting dry and in summer, lots of sun block cream, cap and dark glasses..

For a group of 12 people (Indian nationals) a Basic day trip would cost about Rs. 2100 per person (which includes Permits, Passenger Boat rental, Guide, packed Meals and potable Water - From Bedi port to Bedi port).

For organising a Pirotan Island trip, you may email your interest with list of names, age and your address atleast 2 days before to Mr. Mustak at Hotel President, Jamnagar

As of now, The Forest Department - Gujarat, has restricted entry of tourists to Pirotan island for conservation purpose, but maybe if one gets in touch with Forest Dept. at www.gujaratforest.org/ifs-officers-contact-details.htm and request maybe they would restart. . but if you dont wish to go through all that, then option of visiting Narara is open..


Narara Islandcoral walk at Narara

The Island accessible by road...

One can just drive down to Narara, which is about 60 KMS from Jamnagar; for doing the Coral Walk without sailing to the Islands.Crab holding stick at Narara





Most people do the coral walking at Narara only, as not every time one can reach Jamnagar on the favorable dates.

Narara is as good as Pirotan island with similar Marine life and Birds..

For visiting this part of the Marine Sanctuary you will need permission from the Forest Department.

The Issuing of Permits for visiting Narara start from mid October to May.

For assistance in visiting, you may contact Mr. Mustak at Hotel President, Jamnagar.

Some exotic sea life which you can see real close.

wolf crab

Dolphin Sea Turtle

Ray fish

A bunch of ray fish

A point which I would like to bring up here to all who visit this exotic places, is not to harm anything and not to litter.. and in the words of a good friend, "Leave No Trace"

Please let it remain beautiful..


For assistance in conductiong a Coral Walking tour with Guides, contact Hotel President, Jamnagar


Hotel President, Teen Batti, Jamnagar - 361 001, Gujarat, India. Phone: +91 288 2557491 Fax: +91 288 2558491

Email: info@hotelpresident.in




This website is for local & international tourists as well as for Jamnagar residents interested in knowing more about the area.


Thank you for the photos : Mrs. Hima Parikh, Mr. Anil Munchandani, Bhatia Yashodhan (Bittoo),  Arpit Deomurari (Junglee), Manish Khetia (MTV) & Amit Vyas (Jiggu).


i`ll try to keep updating this website. if you have want to add something about Jamnagar, then pls email.




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