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The outdoors group, for experiencing the wilderness..

We keep doing outings and camps through out the year in Jamnagar, if you want to join us, then email your interest along with your name, date of birth and conctact number on: jamnagar@india.com and the next time we are going, we i will get in touch..


Here are some photos of the trips we have been enjoying 


Imdad with Mr. Crab Jehan with Mr. Crab

Aadil with Mr. Puffer Alice checking out Mr. Crab


Evening at Khijadia early morning at Positra

Celine with Mr. Puffer Celine braving the reefs with slippers

Vidya learning Birdwatching :-): Dilip & Family

Falguni, Bhumijia & Vidya being happy :-)  Dr. Bhumijia being brave with Mr. Octopus

Dilips sweet daughter Vidya enjoying birding

Kapoor loved this huge cactus.. Kapoor

Vipul just wokenup to see this.. Nishit wokeup and ready for posing :-)

Niraj & Kaushal Niraj, Kaushal & friends

Meenakshi at waters edge :-) Meenaxi coming back..

Dilip D`souza & family at Charakhala Dilip D`souza & family

Jummabhai teaching.. Me showing the way to Narara..

Jummabhai leading the way

Toofan & Ajaabhai the driver in the Barda hills.. bringing buses to Narara :-)

Or Motobelo at Khijadia Or is meditatating at Khijadia

Walking on an island during low tide Vips at Ghumli

Way to Pirotan Pirotan trip

Philippe & Stephanie at Sachana Philippe & Stephanie Coral walking at Narara

Bittoo, Amit & me wading to Pirotan Arpit with his birds :-)

Andrew in a rock pool



me after jumping in the river in the barda hills Aadil



Mann & me at Gop   Checking out the Navlakha Temple at Ghumli

Mann at Puratan temple at Ghumli   Diane meditating at Positra

 Anna riding a Chakda   Steven visiting the temples

Aadil Desai sampling J.Ds Jottas :-)   Pia with the baby camels

Chaman & Teeru with the kids at Khijadia  Pranami temple visit  

Dj Lee JP with Kids in a tent  Camping at Balachadi

 Camping in the Barda hills  a wild bunch by the river in Barda

On the way to Pirotan Island   Pruthvi & Paresh, Aadil & me

Pruthvi & Aadil having a dip at Pirotan   Nita & Milan with Kushang at Pirotan

Ayushi watching birds through a spoting scope   Aadil watching birds

Aradhya learning to drive a boat :-)   Prasanna learning to swim :-)

Early morning on the Dabdaba   Camp at Dabdaba

Madhavi & Avina riding the canoe   B2 & Arpit froliking in the lagoon

Axat & family going to the islands   Raheel getting off the boat

Lunch at Dabdaba   Avina walking on the rocks

Axat rock climbing at Ajaad   Axat ready for sailing

Arpit in Barda hills   Arpit climbing with his camera

Raju & Me with in Barda   Under the waterfall in Barda

Axat & me in Bhudhist cave at Dhank   Axat & Arpit eating Pau Bhaji at Paneli

Yogi & Mariam at Khijadia   Anna & Marie at Narara

Walking at Narara   Nishit looking at Sponges at Narara

Anil Mulchandani with Kareen at Narara   Aadil at Narara

Bittoo with his jumbo lens   Bittoo & me on our way back from Bet-Dwarka

Bird Photography at Ranjitsagar   Ranjit-Sagar Dam overflowing

Sapda   Sapda just after the rains

At Lakhu   Geting down at Dadbada

Hansleshwar Mahadev   Me with villagers in Khatia valley

Mann me posing for the camera

Me at Bhadu ;-)


- Mustak Amin Mepani-


This website is for local & international tourists as well as for Jamnagar residents interested in knowing more about the area. This data is compiled from various websites, books as well as been fed by me. Pls feel free to take any data from this website.

i`ll try to keep updating this website. if you have want to add something about Jamnagar, then pls email me.



Created by -Mustak Amin Mepani- 2005   updated : April 2010
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